Thursday, April 29, 2010

Video of a Vollis Simpson Whirligig

You can learn more about Vollis' work here.

NAEA Conference Pictures

The Seltzer Tower...right outside my hotel.

Street Art!

I believe this is (was?) a movie theater.
A "jewel" encrusted mannequin at the American Visionary Art Museum. My students know my fondness for mannequins...If you're ever in Baltimore GO TO THE AVAM- it's amazing!

The last day I was in Baltimore it was cool and sunny. I took the opportunity before I had to be at the airport to do some serious tourist photography.

More Conference pictures can be seen here.

What's Happening in the Art Room These Days?

Ah, the year is winding down (up?) The art room is alive with activity from start of the day until the end. Here is a quick update of what we're doing:

Photography- Students have created Photo Stories using Microsoft Photo Story 3 (get it for FREE here). Today we're viewing and critiquing their work. Students also learned about macro photography and are working on 26 image books to share with our Kindergarten classes.

7th Grade Art- This new class is embarking on a 'round the World look at art and artists. Students are making sketchbook-passports to keep notes and artwork in. In addition, this class will be painting a huge world map on the basketball court by the playground. We're all really looking forward to some nice(r) weather (i.e. NO SNOW!) so we can start. ***A Special Thanks to Danville PTG and Vermont Tennis Courts for donating supplies and funding for the World Map project!***

Principles of Design- My lone P of D student is working away on the Sol LeWitt inspired wall mural in the art hallway. A complex pattern of black and white interspersed with vibrant rainbow colors, this project is sure to brighten up our school!

Pencil & Paintbrush- (Danville's literary and arts magazine) is desperately seeking submissions for it's Spring issue. Please contact me, or leave work in the submission folders around school. May 7th is our deadline to publish before the end of the year! You can email submissions to

Introduction to Art- Oh, what a class! I have to say, they have LOTS of energy...We're working on graphite self-portraits which are coming out beautifully. Students have been researching an artist for their Altered Book project (a combination of the dread Research Project, and my love of altered art.) We will be showing the finished books in the library before the end of school.

Other news:

The Yearbook will be here by May 27th!!!!! Copies are still available for purchase ($40 gets you the FULL COLOR, 84 page masterpiece.) The Yearbook Club has been both a joy and a bear this year. We are all looking forward to having it back as a class for the 2010-11 school year. ***PARENTS: We need your 2010 Spring Sports photos for NEXT YEAR'S book. Please contact me if you're able to share your photos with the yearbook***

I just got back from the NAEA's (National Art Education Association) National Conference in Baltimore. I learned so much....I almost wish we had more school to try out some new lesson plans! (Notice I said "almost"?) Pictures will be coming...

Danville School will be having our Annual K-12 Art Show at Catamount Arts in May. Dates are tentative, but we are looking at the 17th through the 31st. An opening reception will be held for all parents, teachers, and art lovers. More info to come....

Ms Brehm (elementary art) will be traveling to Japan this summer as part of the UVM Asian Studies program. We can't wait to see what interesting art ideas she'll bring back!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Arts Festival is in Full Swing!

Rachael Rice is here working with students on recycled/reused art projects. Here are some pictures: