Friday, May 14, 2010

Cool Links

I wanted to add a list of some of my favorite (and most used) art links. Some are instructional and others are just plain fun. Enjoy!

Art Research Sites




Online Art News Sources

Art Daily

Art News

The Art Newspaper

Museum and Gallery Sites

National Gallery of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art

American Visionary Museum



Museum of Fine Art, Boston

T.W. Wood Gallery

(If you're planning a trip, please feel free to contact me about fun art stops along the way!)

Art Education Sites

National Art Education Association

Vermont Art Teacher Association

Art Responding Through Technology

Art Games/Online Art Making

Mondrimat- Paint like Piet Mondrain!

Mr. Picassohead

Paint like Jackson Pollock

Free Rice- Famous Paintings

Design a City

Make a Collage (You need the Shockwave player. Get it here.)

Color in Motion (Very Cool!)

Create Art Like Basquait

The Artist's Toolkit

Be an Art Historian

Design Like Frank Lloyd Wright

Also Very Cool...

Compose Music

Other Music Activities

I'm always adding to this list, so check back often. Also, if you know of a great site/blog let me know! Email me at

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